Thursday, June 28, 2007

North Korea to probe abducted Japanes

I don't know if anyone would read my post, but still, I found an Article about North Korea will conduct internal investigation on Japanese abductees to the North.
As we all know (from today's quiz) diplomatic normalization between North Korea and Japan could not be achieved due to this issue of Japanese citizens kidnapped to the North (probably to teach the North Korean intelligence agents to be sent to Japan - what would they feel!)
I hope DPRK to approach this problem with some sincerity (not like last time when they provided the Japanese government remains of the random people - proved that he/she was not Japanese.)

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Anonymous said...

N.Korea continuously kidnapping Japanese. Some of cases are well known in public in Korea and Japan.
Case like Yokuda Megumi, and N.Korea's secret service agent, Shin Kwang soo kidnapped Japanese Chef.