Tuesday, June 26, 2007


You be the judge:

In The Know: Kim Jong-Il's Approval Rating Plummets to 120%

UPDATE: Since it may not be entirely clear to everyone, the video above is a joke.


Josh Gonzalez said...

While the video is funny it is useful at demonstrating a unique American interpretation of KJI.

The talking-heads put KJI in the company of Hitler and Hussein when discussing dictatorial approval ratings. That's pretty rough company. I mean, Hitler has 12 million innocents plus a world war to burn for, Hussein has the gassing of the Kurds and invasion of Kuwait. Not to be a moral relativist, but KJI has done nothing remotely as bad as the other two. (unless he was responsible for the terrorism of the 80's. also, it depends how much you blame him for the starvation of 2 million of his own folks.)

I think it demonstrates the average American's disdain for dictators in general.

PS: Hilarious shot at Korean survey/polling habits.

julienne said...

I can't believe that these people are supposed to be the intellectuals of our society. "We are talking about North Korea, righ, I faded out a bit at the end," who are these guys. I find it hard to take seriously what they are saying if I can't even take them seriously.
The accusations that they made were pretty extreme and now I'm not even inclined to take it into consideration.