Thursday, June 28, 2007

Extra Credit Lecture

I attended the 4pm Peterson (or is it Petersen?) lecture at the Elliott School today. Though I was very impressed with his knowledge of ancient Korea, I had hoped that he would focus on modern history about which I know far more and am primarily interested in (thanks to our class). I was intrigued by his repeated belief that the peninsula would be peacefully reunified someday; I'm not sure that I agree with him on either count and he gave little evidence to back up this assertion, aside from characterizing (rightly it seems) South Korea as a peace loving nation with a non-interventionist track record (South Korea has never attacked another country).

The end of the lecture featured some lively give and take between the speaker and audience, the latter including representatives from some sort of Korean organization within the State Department.

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Sang said...

hope I could attend
I had an internship..