Friday, June 22, 2007

Video of Kim's Military Command

Check out this video on It is dedicated to the politics and military command of Kim Jong-Il, and the english slides offer an interesting look at the propaganda used to express the wonderful nature of Kim. I especially like the part where it states that the world is envious of the perfect socialist paradise that is North Korea. I was wondering if the Korean subtitles say the same thing as the English slides, or if they are different. Would greatly appreciate some help with translation! Being able to read for oneself the actual words in the original language is important, because of missing emphasis, slight variations in meaning, etc. As we are seeing in our book, with a non-Korean speaking author.

This video truly does reflect the command of the military by Kim, but I think a video about how the military influences Kim would be extremely interesting. As we have learned, there is obviously a great deal of influence, and I'm sure videos like this help show Kim's dedication to the military, to prevent a coup by it!

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julienne said...

I think that its amazing that this kind of propganda has made it all the way to youtube. It is interesting and saddening that we can see into their world but the North Koreans have no concept of the world around them in this globalized society.