Thursday, June 21, 2007

South Korean business in North Korea

As a South Korean, if anybody askes me whethere I want Korea's unification or not, my answer is "Yes." However, I don't want it to happen right away. Economical problem will be huge and South Korea will not be able to meet the needs in the near future. In addition, culturally, unification will face a lot of problems such as ideology conflicts. over five decades of separation, we have learned and lived very differently. Mingling together, all the sudden, will not be easy.

Today, we talked about business in North Korea by South Korean conglomerateur with the hope of North Korea sustaining its regime. Personally, I don't want the collapse of North Korea, either. I wish South and North to keep the way they are now and to change the North a little by little toward the way of South Korea working. I don't know how much one small economic zone or tour to North Korea, which is under the North Korean control, can change or influence. However, there's a saying that "begining is same as half way done." For example, Mt.Keumgang tour could've made North Korean learn about Hyundai. According to this article, about 1,000 North Koreans work at the resort and receive a $50 monthly salary. Considering whole population(23,113,019), 1000 is like nothing but I hope this make Korean unification easier.

If any of you are interested in Hyundai's tour business in North Korea take a look at here.

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