Monday, June 11, 2007

Some pictures

I found a discussion board (sorry that the site is in Korean,,) which is run by I think a former North Korean military official who defected to the South (the site mainly deals with military subjects, but also have some interesting photos, such as...)

Pictures of a "Model" North Korean house which is shown to the foreigners


Christina Sin said...

Although it's supposed to be a "modern" house, I find it interesting how a lot of the things in the apartment are outdated. Like the white box-like thing in one picture. Is that supposed to be a radio? Looking through these pictures made me want to see pictures of Kim Jong-Il's homes and villas etc.

julienne said...

I thougt that these pictures were extremely interesting. There is not much opportunity to see how the North Koreans really live and this offered great insight. I can not imagine living in a society like that however.