Friday, June 15, 2007

South Wants the North to Start Denuclearisation

I came across this article about how one of the terms for the money in the Macau bank to be unfrozen, North Korea was supposed to start denuclearisation. I realize that North Korea having nuclear weapons is a huge deal because they are so unknown, but I find it hard to believe that North Korea would ever stop its nuclear weapon making. Knowing that North Korea hasn't listened to demands in the past I can't help but wonder why we continue to give North Korea what they want knowing that they won't listen to us. I feel like North Korea is this spoiled child who continues to get worse because we won't really put limitations on North Korea. Why can't we be more harsh towards North Korea? Is it worth it to give North Korea money knowing it will not be going towards human aid? I don't think it is and I think that whenever North Korea gets aid that they should be heavily watched or countries in general should just stop helping the country unless North Korea does what we the countries want first.

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