Monday, June 11, 2007

North Korea Tourism

I never thought of North Korea as a tourism spot, but after a few mentions about it in class and watching the movie, I really began to see how people might be interested in it.

Not only would North Korea be fascinating as a cultural experience, but I've also seen it promoted as a part of "Touring the Axis of Evil." There is even a book about the Axis of Evil World Tour. I guess people are interested in seeing just how evil the axis is... It really would be interesting to see how regimes work from the inside and this is a main interest, but I'm sure travellers come to see that travel in the North is heavily regulated by the government... so most only see the finished product the Kims' rule without much contact with the citizens.

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julienne said...

I would love to visit North Korea. I have been to South Korea and I think that the culture is extremely interesting. It would be great to see the culture in a more refined manner in North Korea. It would also be very intereting to see the way that the regime is fun as well.