Friday, June 22, 2007

Explosion of the Pipeline in North Korea

“Explosion of the Pipeline in North Korea – 110 Possibly Killed”

I read this news from the website, “Good Friends” ( – it is a non-governmental humanitarian organization. It says there was a huge explosion in North Korea on June 9, in a pipeline that comes down to Pyongyang that was delivering nearly 200t of oil. Good friends say that the biggest reason for such huge number of deaths is due to the fact that the cost of oil is so expense in North Korea that when the pipeline broke the people in the neighbor brought buckets to get the oil that was leaking out and while doing so, due to an accident it caught on fire and killed so many.

Evidently Korean intelligence is looking into this; however there is very little credibility to this story. However, there was even a broadcast of Satellite News from YTN (they get the pictures from a satellite view of the alleged North Korean explosion site) which pretty much said there was an explosion; however, it was more likely the explosion was not from an old-pipe breaking but from a train that was transporting gas.

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