Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Workers & oppressed people of the World Unite!

I found the title of this website hillrious. This article describes the wonderful celebration on April 15 for the eternal President and the long living legacy in his son; resisiting the Capitalist world. It discusses the abundance of performaces and precise training. It lacks to mention the famine, poverty and the oppressed people who are scared to unite for other reasons aside from Kim Il Sung or Kim Jung Il.

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john ney said...

Its seems that many people in the class focused on the issue of nuclear weaopns and of course the question of whether North Korean leaders will apply any rational thought if U.S. hostilities were to escalate, I thought the last quote in the article was a bit relevant - -"We have nothing against the people of the United States," said a guide to some international visitors after the performance. "But if the U.S. ever attacks us again, we will fight to the last person."