Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Even in animation??

I was surfing the internet and found a North Korean animation. It was about a pencil cannonball. I know, when we watched North Korean documentary film in class, school had posters on the wall which included image of rocket. I didn't think it seriously But see here This is hilarious. Every animation had some kinds of lesson about military or against Japanese. It might be because choices of posters but it is still too much.


john ney said...

I was looking for Korean animation too, and I came across this article
North Korea Quietly Emerges as Major Player in Animation Industry" -
Its interesting to see that a popular South Korean show like Pororo the Little Penguin is produced in North Korea. Here's another site that has links as well -

Sang said...

seems like these are trying to give some lessons, such as do your part, sacrifice your self to serve the country, etc.

wasn't it kind of cruel? (frog episode)