Sunday, June 24, 2007

Team Spirit

Here's a couple sites related to that fascinating event/military exercise known as Team Spirit. It was a joint exercise done by South Korea and the United states military - Here's an excerpt from the book Going Critical: The First North Korean Nuclear Crisis by Joel S. Wit, Daniel B. Poneman, and Robert Gallucci

Called "our Super Bowl" by one U.S. officer, Team Spirit began in 1976 after the Vietnam withdrawal to reassure South Korea and bolster deterrence against the North. The exercise often involved hundreds of thousands of troops and, some suspected, even nuclear weapons. Not surprisingly, North Korea viewed Team Spirit as a dress rehearsal for an invasion

Team Spirit has been blamed for raising the hostility between the North and South especially during 1993-94 nuclear crisis. Below are some sites by U.S. soldiers and their experiences in participating in the exercise -

also an overview and history of the event

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