Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Film Festivities in Pyongyang

I am a big fan of going to movies (I mentioned my favorite movie theater a few weeks earlier; E Street Cinema shows the occasional South Korean flick) and all this talk of Kim Jong-il's cinematic hobby has made me curious as to what is shown in North Korea. Apparently there is an international film festival held in Pyongyang every year! I found a great account by an American who, using a German passport, was able to sneak into North Korea and get a glimpse of the festivities. The majority of the international films come from "non-aligned" countries (re: the festival's official title is the Pyongyang Film Festival of Non-aligned and Other Developing Countries), but the year the author went, they showed "Bend It Like Beckham". Nice!

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john ney said...

Just wanted to note that the guy who made JSA, Chan-wook Park, has just made a new movie called "I'm a Cyborg but thats ok" and its scheduled to come to E street fairly soon