Saturday, June 23, 2007

Juche Realism

Here's a list of several sites devoted to North Korean artists. All of the paintings seen throughout class and in the Martin book belong to the school of Socialist Realism. This style was first developed in the Soviet Union and used throughout Communist states. It's interesting to note that just like most other examples of Communism in government and society covered in class, Korean Socialist Realism has a unique identity from it's related Soviet and Chinese examples. As seen in these two pages, and, Soviet Socialist Realism is characterized by drab colors and stern subject matter. Juche Realism is bursting with color and Kim Il-Sung is rarely shown without a wide smile or a flock of overjoyed children.
Here are some sites on Juche Realism
Art Under Control in North Korea -
North Korean Artists -
The Art of Propaganda: Nationalistic Themes in the Art of North Korea -

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