Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Ever wonder about the actual text of the Constitution of the DPRK? Unfortunately, you won't find a pretty preamble or Bill of Rights, but fear not, the state will protect all your rights and interests, they promise.

One of the most intellectually shallow things I ever read about North Korea came from a pro-regime American journalist named Selig Harrison (he is also the author of the book I read for my book report). Harrison had the audacity to justify his claim that North Korea and Kim Jung-il were liberalizing economically by citing additions to the 1998 (or should I say Juche 86) Constitution which relaxed the stranglehold the state had on economic affairs. The author specifically points to Articles 21, 22, 24, 33, and 37.

As is the North Korea government held the nation's constitution in any level of esteem.

This is the same constitution that guarantees freedom of expression, right to elect officials, right to a fair trial, and freedom of religion. Harrison, of course, does not concern himself with these details because what good are human rights if the basic economic system is unjust.

Apologists for socialism/communism need a better posterboy than Kim Jung-il and the Worker's Party. They should also stop pretending like the constitutions of countries like DPRK and PRC have any worth beyond the intrinsic value of a piece of paper.

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Netalee said...

I completely agree regarding the constitution in North Korea, we are all fortunate to have many freedoms. What disturbs me most is that I'm sure we could find many violations of constitutions that go unseen all over the world.