Thursday, June 28, 2007

Our Presentations

I thought the book reviews all went really well! It was fascinating listening to so many different views and subjects within the area of North Korea in general. I think the range of books were great too, because we heard touches of history, politics, economics, and society. At first going into it I thought there was no way we would each be able to talk about a book for 10 minutes, but that time quickly flew by! I find it amusing that after just 6 weeks of learning about North Korea we find ourselves criticizing authors who have spent much longer on the subject, but such is the beauty of class I suppose! I personally found the reviews on torture and personality traits of Kim to be the most fascinating- and quite sad for the torture as well. It is incredible to me that people could force others to go through that type of horror, but from our studies the reasons why and background are at least a little more familiar. Good job everyone!

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Tom Fales said...

I too was struck by the torture presentation; it was the subject of my final answer on today's quiz. It is very sad.

The book that included an economic analysis of North Korea caught my ear too. As a recent graduate of the small (but proud) GW econ department, I should be able to have more sucess with it than she did.