Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Why was North Korean reaction to South Korean idol group or to a old singer?

When we saw a video clip of South Korean idol group performing in front of North Korean, I thought about concert of Jo Yong Pil, an old and well known South Korean singer, in North Korea. You can see the his concert clip here. Audiences are clapping, shaking light sticks and some of them show facial expressions.
I wonder what differences made audiences act differently. I am not sure how correct my idea is but I think it is because North Koreans are not used to fast or techno-type of musics. Even dances that idol groups showed could have been new, so it looked wierd to them. However, Jo sang many songs including a kind of Arirang, representative Korean melody, and North Korean one.
I imagine what Korean society will be like after unification. When people react differetly even to music, Korean people will face a lot of ackward situation because of differences of language, culture, and way of thinking... etc... To have real unification among people will take longer than to have geographical one.

Cf] the name of stadium where Jo had concert is 'Jong Ju Young' gymnasium. It makes me think about how much Jong, former president of Hyundai, donated to the North.

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