Monday, June 11, 2007

North Korean TV

Here is an internet site where you guys can watch some North Korean tv news clips (Chosun Central TV News) and other tv programs. Sorry that there are no subtitles, but just have some feelings of what they actually watch.


Alison Hazell said...

well i understood absolutely nothing of what they were saying, but it was really interesting to see how north korean kids and adults acted at school. even through body language and the way they were speaking, it seemed to give a peek into their lives. fascinating!

I also noticed that the camera-work used in the news reporting was really kind of simple... just cutting to different pictures, focusing on the speakers, and zooming in or out on them at most. nothing very fancy... i'm wondering if this is attributed to their technology and techniques that are behind most of the world?

Alison Hazell said...

i just realized how orderly and uniform everything looks. wow.

Sang said...

basically praising 'our dear general's' achievements, love and guidances and so forth, and importance of their 'military first policy' (reads "sun-goon- jung-chi")

(if you hear words like "soo-ryung" or "jang-goon," they are refering to Kim Jong-il.)