Monday, May 19, 2008

S.Korea's first Nobel Prized man, Kim Dae Joong's secret behind his prize

Unfortunately S.Korea's only Nobel prized man, Former President, Kim Dae Joong made secret deal with Nobel Prize committee and other influential organization. This issue was actually came up to surface far ago, even under Kim Dae Joong's preseidency during 2002, but this issue even become more popular in 2008.

It is because of former S.Korea's secret service agent (NIS: National Intelligence Service / CIA of Korea), Kim Ki Sam proclaimed there were some secret fabrication behind the Nobel Prize.
Kim Dae Joong prepared tons of money and sent to N.Korea for meeting. Also Korea's one of the finest company, Hyundai deeply involved with this issue and gave money to N.Korea as well.

Another suprising thing is under Kim Dae Joong's presidentcy there was Nobel Prize Task force team in NIS(National Intelligence Service/ CIA of S.Korea) lobbying money to various influencial organization and even controlling world media by giving them data about meeting between S.Korea and N.Korea.

However,Most people in the world including S.Korean do not know about this secret fabrication behind the Kim Dae Joong's Nobel Prize and they proudly think about S.Korea's first Nobel prize.

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