Saturday, May 31, 2008

Deadly risks in escaping N Korea

A documentary film with regard to the realities of North Korean refugees will go on the air through BBC world news and domestic channels this weekend. (5/31-6/2) The title of this film is 'Korea: Out of the North' produced by Chosun Ilbo Crossmedia Corp. As noted in the article, hunger is driving more and more North Koreans to escape to China, crossing a river frontier at the mercy of traffickers and corrupt police.

Why do they have to take risks of crossing the border? Certainly, it has something to do with their hopeless life in North Korea. Their human rights remain unprotected in the hands of Kim Jong-il regime. It is an epitome of destitute DPRK's economic situation and the Cold-War legacy.
It is also pathetic that there is little room to be intervened for complicated political reasons. Although some often say that the DPRK's food supply has improved compared to that of 1990s, a growing number of North Korean refugees tells us how desperate its situation is.
Please check the BBC article and a short video clip attached to it.
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Veronika said...

The North Korean refugee problem is serious and often overlooked. I think that sometimes worse than their situation in North Korea is their treatment once they get to China or South Korea. In China, they are in constant hiding. Once caught, they are sent back to North Korea and almost immediately killed. In South Korea, they are discriminated against. For many, it is impossible for them to integrate into society. They may lack some skills necessary, but they are barely given a chance to fully conform. I believe that the first step in tackling North Korea should be taking care of the North Korean refugees. They can offer valuable insight into the regime and could help us enormously in our diplomatic efforts.