Thursday, May 29, 2008

N.Korean Dictator, Kim Jung Il's death

Through various media from Korea and Japan continuously talking about the death of N.Korean dictator, Kim Jong Il. One influential N.Korean information group in S.Korea, Lee said Kim Jung il was attacked by mysterious group of people while he was traveling aroung Pyung Yang in his vehicle. Lee said the place where incident happend in Pyung Yang, they found Kim's blood around the place also the mysterious attackers took Kim Jung il's body, therefore the N.Korean government is searching Kim Jung il and try to keep this issue secretly.

However according to S.Korean government said, We never heard about Kim Jung il's death from N.Korean government yet and we never heard about Kim Jung il's health issue, that we assume Kim Jung Il is not dead.

But in Japan, the situation is totally different. Most of Japanese media and people believe the death of Kim Jung il, therefore Japanese stock market's investment is turned out very optimistic and increased investment on stocks.

The first death story about Kim Jung il came out about 3days ago, on may 26th, 2008. After this death story came out later in that day, N.Korean media said Kim Jung il visited military bases. Therefore S.Korean government believe Kim Jung il is not dead yet. However some people keep questioning about Kim Jung il's death and said, there was no picture or video evidence to prove Kim Jung Il's visit on military bases on 26th.


Anonymous said...

Remember in 1983 S. Korea was vehemently denying on the KAL 085 shotdown by a Russian jet, while the whole incidence was captured from the beginning to the end and later confirmed by the Japanese government? Why do I get this eerie feeling that Mr. Kim is no longer with us??

Emir Yilmaz said...

I believe this rumor has a lot to do with the necessity to boost the Asian stock markets. As the blog mentions, thanks to this rumor South Korean and Japanese stock markets did well - at least for a couple of days.

Anonymous said...

Wheter it is true or not, one thing, we can sure about is the lose of credibility on N.Korean Government. People in N.Korea may be no longer trust their government and look out for some other type of governing system like democracy. Also if Kim is real dead, I assume there is big possibility that N.Korea will keep it secret, because of preventing any chaos in N.Korea and other foreign attack on their land.