Tuesday, May 20, 2008

U.S. decides to send food aid to North Korea


Beginning in June, the U.S. has decided to send 500,000 tons of food to North Korea to help with problems of food shortages. North Korea has been experiencing issues of food shortages for many decades and has received aid since the mid-1990s. Some think this act will contribute to repairing relations between the two countries. However, American officials stated that this act of aid has no connection to rebuilding relations; they explain America is just a compassionate nation.

I believe that the act of the U.S. giving aid will cause a domino effect with other nations who have not had the most amiable relations with North Korea to start assisting with the food shortages. Without international aid, North Korea will experience what CNN.com described as a "humanitarian disaster." Surprisingly, South Korea has publicly stated that they plan to put together a plan to help out as well with the crisis.

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Anonymous said...

One of downfall of food supply is most of food supplememnt from other countries not directly goes to the starving people but military personnels and store for the future war.