Friday, May 23, 2008

Official: NKorea very close to turning in nuclear accounting

WASHINGTON (AP) — North Korea is extremely close to producing a long-awaited accounting of its shuttered nuclear program, a senior U.S. official said Friday. The documentation would be a major step toward a disarmament deal with the reclusive communist regime.
Although there is no date agreed yet, the documentation is expected within the next month. That would clear the way for a high-stakes meeting as soon as the end of June between the top U.S. and North Korean diplomats, along with the other four nations involved in a deal to put North Korea out of the nuclear weapons business.
The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the six-nation diplomatic consultations are confidential, says the U.S. insists it be able to verify that North Korea's documentation is complete.

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Tayler Lofquist said...

I found a lot of things to be interesting about this article. One of the first reactions that I have when I hear about something like this is whether or not we can trust the information that the North Koreans would be providing. I don't think they have had many qualms with fabricating information in the past, especially if it is for the people of North Korea, so my initial thought is to be wary of the information they present. Nevertheless, our government seems to feel that the information will be accurate, so perhaps that first reaction of mine is an overreaction. Another thing that makes this situation seem strange to me is that if North Korea really believes in the "military first" (songun) policy, why would they seek nuclear disarmament? Obviously it would be better for the people of North Korea to trade the nuclear weapons program for economic assistance and things like that, but to me it seems that is is a direct conflict of interests with their heavy promotion of the armed forces in North Korea. On the same thought, the article concludes with the statement that Kim Jong-il wants to rid himself of the "stigma" of being labeled a terrorist by the United States. Coming from a dictator who seemingly despises the United States, and who may even the enjoy of being someone Americans fear, this seems counterintuitive. Though I am not sure what to conclude from all of this, I hope it is a sign that North Korea will begin to open up to the rest of the world and put the economic potential of its people ahead of the military. Perhaps this will slowly lead to further humanitarian efforts, which are very much needed.