Friday, June 03, 2005

UN and North Korea

This article I found from the Wall Street Journal. I agree with Brent Scrowcroft, the author of “Confront of North Korea,” that “we” should not wait for Pyongyang to decide weather and when it is ready to negotiate.

It seems North Korea is taunting the United States and the world again. Another example, the international inspectors of UN were kicked out of North Korea. In contrast, UN is powerless and can not do anything with Kim Jong Il.

Also the author suggest the international community should force Kim Jong Il choose between the nuclear weapons and the regime survival. Therefore, Kim Jong Il can not threat the world anymore even through he thinks the nuclear weapon is invaluable. Otherwise, other neighboring countries, such as Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea, could have rights to own nuclear weapon. Furthermore, if “we” continue to let the North Korea play game, the succor of Kim Jong Il will use other weapon mass destruction to threat the world.

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