Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Two Koreas agree to reduce tensions along border.

This Article caught my eye, especially in regards to the film we just finished viewing in class. Apparently, while the border of the 38th parallel is widely "accepted" as the front line of the active war between the two Koreas, the maritime border is not as accepted, and ambiguity on the seas has led to many skirmishes, the most recent of which occurred in 2002, leaving 6 South Korean sailors dead.

This article is about increased efforts to reduce these clashes, by sharing information that might prevent one side opening fire on the other, or on innocent fishermen who often fish very close to the border.


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Katie Lux said...

I was surprised after reading this article to find that there are still naval fights between the two Koreas, although infrequent. The movie we watched in class gave a good picture of life right at the border, but the picture was clearly imcomplete. This article discussed propaganda posters and loudspeaker music being blasted towards the other side. I was not aware tension was this high or that each side targeted the other to such a degree. Perhpas these measures to reduce tension will lead to peace.