Tuesday, June 07, 2005

"More of the Same... And Then Some"

Ralph A Cossa, the author of "More of the Same...And Then Some" comments that during the second term of Bush administration North Korea will continue boycott the Six-Party Talks with pre-condition, China will continue its similar policy with Taiwan: one step forward and two stepts back.

On the other hand,from this article, we know North Korea came back to the table and met the U.S. in New York on Tuesday. Everyone hopes this meeting is optimism that proves Ralph Cossa is wrong about North Korea. Wait to see what will be happening.

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Ben Page said...

Its hard to imagine that after all the pressure that has been put on NK to to back down from their nuclear ambitions that they are suddenly going to stop. The fear expressed by Americans over their nuclear arsenal has given them leverage, even if it leverage based on irrational fear.