Tuesday, June 28, 2005

"Grand Bargain"

Today Prof Larsen suggested three possibile ways Bush could deal w/ the DPRK during his second administration. One of the ways he suggested was the grand bargain but said that it was unlikely because the US is too worried that N. Korea might say no. It seems to me that, IF Kim Jong-Il could keep his word, this would be the best way to deal with North Korea. Instead of officially suggesting it, we could test the waters through unofficial channels (have low level state deptartment bureaucrats meet with their equivalents in North Korea. Then, the North Koreans could take it back to Kim Jong Il and have him suggest it. Once he does, Bush could agree to it. That way we save face if he says no, AND it greatly helps Kim's propaganda efforts (esp if the US appologizes for all the pain and strife it caused since the 19th century...though I think we'd have to do what we did when the Chinese shot down our spy plane back in 2001; appologize without actually appologizing) because he is able to show his people that he once again defeated America and through the socialist paradise the Americans have come to see the light blah blah blah. Any thoughts?

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