Friday, June 03, 2005

International Children's Day Marked

Interesting article I found in the Korean Central News Agency of the DPRK

A good example of Kim Jong Il reaching out to the youth in order for them to grow up totally loyal to the "Dear Leader".

"International Children's Day Marked Pyongyang, June 2 (KCNA)

-- Korean children marked the International@Children's Day with various sports and amusement games Wednesday. Every nursery and kindergarten were beautifully decorated with stringed@miniature flags, balloons and flowers. They were animated with children, nurses, kindergarteners and mothers in holiday best. Pyongyangites were delighted to see children's colorful sports and amusement games held in parks, recreation grounds including the Mangyongdae Fun Fair, Mt. Taesong, Rungna Islet and Moran Hill and nurseries and kindergartens in Pyongyang. Children presented rhythmic gymnastics and dances with flowers, ribbons and balloons to the tune of songs "We Offer Greetings to Marshal Kim Jong Il" and "Today Is June 1." Through this they represented their happiness of growing with nothing to desire more under the benevolent care of their father Kim Jong Il, holding President Kim Il Sung in high esteem as the eternal sun. The programs at the Kim Jong Suk Creche and other nurseries included three or four years old children's games of winning toys, running out of a ring and crossing a stone bridge, tricycle race and obstacle race. Songs and happy laughter of the children enjoying their holiday could be heard from every nook and corner of the country from the Mubong village at the foot of Mt. Paektu to the villages near the Military Demarcation Line and remote islet villages in the East and West Seas. " <>

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