Monday, June 13, 2005

"North Korea Offers Help to Iran on Nuclear Plan, Paper Says"

When these two evils meet together, what will happen to the world, please read this article. Kim Jong Il starts to export his "great trick" to Iran. This is another reason the international community has to remove the North Korea regime. I am suppressed but not much. I understand how communists act. I quote part of this article below:

"Iran is secretly negotiating with North Korea to build a network of underground bunkers to conceal its alleged clandestine nuclear weapons project, The Sunday Telegraph has learnt.

A team of construction experts has arrived in Tehran to conduct a survey of Iranian requirements for a large new network of tunnels at a secret location in central Iran.

The team included a North Korean specialist in underground construction who helped to design the bunkers that contain Pyongyang illegal weapons program.

It is understood current talks centre on whether the North Koreans will undertake the work or act as advisers for Iranian construction companies."

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