Saturday, June 04, 2005

Decrease in North Korea's Foreign Food Aid

North Korea, struggling with food shortages, send millions of city dwellers into the countryside to help work on farms during the weekends. Officials say that its a annual thing, but this year everyone in the city is involved. This increase in number may have been due to the decreasing foreign aid to North Korea as it continues to become a nuclear weapons power. The United States started to crack down on its import of hard currency to North Korea, stating that the funds are just going to nuclear research. The 6.5 million people recieving foreign food aid will decrease to a projected 1.5 million without a new supply of food (based on the article below). With its peope starving, North Korea continues to defy the rest of the world and do its own thing.

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Justin Levitt said...

Although the link to your article was down, reading what you said about NK's people being sent into the countryside on weekends to help with farming sparked a thought about what possible UN sanctions may do...if the Norths struggling agriculture and economic infrastructure.