Saturday, June 18, 2005

Pop culture's view on North Korea

With recent class discussions on how Kim Jong Il is depricted in political cartoons, I tried to look for how Kim Jong Il and North Korea is normally presented in pop culture. In recent movies, like "Team America", "Die Another Day" and "The Pacifier", North Korean and Kim Jong Il is commonly depricted as the villian. North Korea is even the target in video games like George Lucas's video game where players can blast gray buildings marked as "Yongbyon Nuclear Material Reprocessing".
North Korea is quickly joining the ranks of Hollywood's favorite villians; Nazis, Columbian Drug Dealers, and Islamic terrorists. North Korea will continue to be negatively portrayed in pop culture as the Bush administration continues to put criticize North Korea. North Korea has alternated with Iran as the largest treat to the United States and Kim Jong Il has become a common household name. This negative representation of North Korea to the publc is important to note because it might influence policy decisions in the future. 62% of Americans still oppose any military action against North Korea, but that can change as North Korea is continued to be depicted negatively in pop culture.


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