Monday, June 06, 2005

"Behind that Curtain"

Michael Horowwitz, the author of "Who's Behind That Curtain? Unveiling Potential Leverage over Pyongyang," reports that there are three reasons Kim Jong Il comes back and forth on the negotiation table: culture-politics, military and economy. South Korea has more influence of culture-politics on North Korea than China does because they are brothers and belong to one nation. And military could function in the negative and positive ways. Unfortunately, military should strength the security of North Korea, but the North Korea regime turns it to threaten to the neighboring countries. Kim Jong Il claims that the U.S. military threaten them first. Last, the economic pressure is the main reason overwhelming Kim's power. He has increased in many activities internationally to increase his money resources: drug traffic, counterfeit, and transfer weapons. The author warns that if the U.S government and its allies can not story these illegal harmful activities, Kim Jong Il will continue his unending processes.

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