Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Kim Jong Il and N. Koreans as Hollywood villains

This article discusses how Kim Jong Il and North Koreans have been demonized in American pop culture. Increasingly, we see Kim Jong Il and North Koreans portrayed as the villains in films, cartoons, comics, and video games. It seems that Kim Jong Il has now replaced Saddam Hussein as the "bad guy." Bush's comments such as labeling Kim Jong Il a tyrant and evil, have undoubtedly contributed to this phenomenon in American culture. Reading this article made me realize how frequently North Korea is really used in our popular culture.


OneFreeKorea said...

That might have something to do with the fact that the North Korean regime increasingly appears to have intentionally starved two million people in its "hostile class" to death.

Give or take a million.

Evil? Guess it depends on how you define it. But to the diplomatic community which has long since forgotten its duty to prevent and answer such deeds, such intemperate language goes down like formadehyde in the gin.

Beloved Leader said...

"Starved?" I put them on a diet!

I just had the Team America: World Police DVD smuggled in this weekend. And you wonder why I want to turn America into a Sea of Fire????

Katie Lux said...

I decided to look at different political cartoons aimed at North Korea just to see how slanted the American view really is. I was shocked to see cartoons depicting Kim Jong Il as a tempermental child and even an alien (see
koreantruth/polycartoons.htm). This perception reinforces the American view that Kim Jong Il can't be negotiated with. Perpetually making North Koreans the villians in popular culture makes the U.S. seen like instigators who would rather stigmatize than work together