Tuesday, June 28, 2005

North Korean Animation

"North Korea has been winning the heart of animators across the world with its competitive quality and low production costs."

Is it possible that North Korea can develop a globally competitive industry after all?


Kaitlin C. said...

This article is very interesting a a few ways. I am surprised that the practice of animation on par with the rest of the world has reached North Korea at all given how isolated from world popular culture the DPRK is. Also, I'm suprised at the alleged skill and amazing talent of the North Koreans, specifically because this is attributed to training they receieved in North Korea schools, and I find animation education totally incougrous with a Marxist society. Art, and a popular, material, version of art seems like something North Korea should shy away from other than for their own propaganda purposes. And as far as propaganda goes what realy interested me is that the North Korean animators are working on cartoons about French do-gooders. I doubt many North Koreans can read French, but I wonder if the pictures they work on give some North Koreans a glimpse of the outside world, and the possibility that not all weterners are imperialist stranglers. If so, I think an interesting CIA operation would be to produce subtle pro- or even neutral American animation, with themes of friendliness and relations with Korea, and then get a company to front the operation and contract it out to North Korea. It might be a creative way to get pro-American propaganda inside the DPRK, if that is in fact something the US government would want to do.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you students should not assume so much based on the prejudices you pick up in your classes and the well known prejudices of American news media.