Monday, June 13, 2005

"Beloved Leader"?

A comment to one of Lan Su's post by someone called "Beloved Leader" seemed a bit odd and sparked my curiosity. I went to "Beloved Leader"'s website/blog; it's totally wacky, you should check it out. Kim's head is superimposed on a James Bond character (Doctor No?). A lot of women and movie references, supposedly things Kim loves. I don't know if it's actually done by someone from North Korea, but if not it's still an interesting characterization.


Beloved Leader said...


Thank you for the mention. Is this Lam Su guy a real college student? I have a bet on it.

Kirk said...

For your edification, Mr. Kim, Lan Su is a real college student. She is from the People's Republic of China, one of the last friends you have left. Let's hope she doesn't report back about how you have been bad-mouthing her; if she does, one of your last reliable sources of foreign aid could be in jeopardy!

Beloved Leader said...

Oh, that will leave a mark on my wallet. No, I do not want to chase away the Chinese Cash Cow. Anyhow, a liberal education at your American universities is quickly becoming similar enough to the best Communist nations could provide at the height of the Naengjon.

I hear the scenery is nice. Is your campus far from the Space Needle?