Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Yesterday our professor mentioned about respect. King Jong Il had different actions when Bush called him "x Pig" and "Mr. Kim" in public. If you criticize somebody, and want to approach him to make a deal, then your first effort of step fails. I found another article to prove Kim Jong Il how he emphasizes his imagine in public. South Koreans understand this point.

The article names "South Korea upset about US criticism of North Korea".
An American official defined North Korea as a tyranny like Burma, Zimbwe and Cuba at a seminar hosted by the Hudson Institute on Monday. The person must regret. The news of South Korea expressed that this comment did not help the current international situation.


Adam Dweck said...

I know that we have briefly discussed that some of the new generations of South Korean citizens are idealists when it comes to unification and peace, however, I don't necasserily understand what the government or the people expect America to do. Do the same South Koreans who want to use friendly language and diplomacy in hopes of proper relations or even unification, willing to adopt communism? I highly doubt it. I m not providing an answer to the problem of course, just questioning what exactly South Korea thinks the US can realistically do when dealing with North Korea.

Beloved Leader said...

"King" Jung-il...I like that!