Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Kim not so cartoonish?

In my quest to find some political cartoons that don't deny North Korea all credibility, I found only two that could fit that category. The first is basically just a caricature of Kim Jung Il with a nuclear weapon, but it doesn't distort his physical appearance much, no more than those done for tourist caricatures you see at the beach. It doesn't depict him as crazy or attention-starved or any of the other common motifs in North Korea political cartoons, instead, he's almost statuesque. The second (you have to scroll down, it's the last one) doesn't distort Kim's image at all. It shows him, (presumably him anyway, it's hard to tell without him being depicted as radically short with funny hair and big glasses) riding a bike with a nuke into forbidden territory. This cartoon is Dutch though, so maybe a less polarized cartoon is more understandable from the Dutch.

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