Monday, June 27, 2005

Changing Curriculum

I found this article from October 2003 that discusses the Chosen Soren (the North Korean population living in Japan). Apparently, the schools are beginning to adopt reforms to cut back on the curriculum that excessivly praises the Dear and Great Leaders. The schools are apparently funded in part by the DPRK government. Aside form the changing the curriculum I tried to find recent reports of any Japanese discrimination/repression of the Chosen Soren, but did not have any luck.

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simsima325 said...

That was interesting to read. I did my third paper on the topic of education, comparing the education policies of the North and the South, and this is really a suprise. So much of the regime's stronghold comes from long time indoctrination of the public on how to think, and this starts at a young age. In terms of reunification on US or Western terms, this bodes well for the world, as in 20 years there should be a generation of young adults who have been able to formulate their own thoughts and that is the first step toward eventual change.

Great find!