Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Regional News: Sino-Japanese Dispute Heats Up Again

This isn't a North Korea-specific item but it is a regional issue worth highlighting.

If you'll recall earlier this spring, there were massive demonstrations between China and Japan over the depiction of Japanese history toward China in Japanese textbooks. Although, it should be remembered, this was actually just a Chinese proxy war over Japan's pursuit of a seat on the proposed enlargement of the UNSC. After a few months of relative quiet on this issue it has arisen again.

What are the implications for NK? It seems highly unlikely the Sino-Japanese dispute will escalate far beyond what it is now so it would appear the direct effect on Pyongyang would be negligible, if anything at all. Of course, any instability in Northeast Asia is never good for anyone, including NK.

Anyone have any thoughts?

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eric d said...

I agree that this will probably have no affect in North Korea. This issue is decades old.