Thursday, June 23, 2005

Bush's meeting with defector criticized

I was waiting to see what North Korea's response to Bush's meeting with defector Kang Chol Hwan would be. Of course, the Korean Central News Agency labled him "human trash." It also stated that the meeting "cannot be construed otherwise than an act of throwing a wet blanket on the efforts to resume the nuclear talks." They see Bush's meeting with the defector (which exploits the human rights issue) as sign that the U.S. does not respect North Korea as a dialogue partner. North Korea has agreed to a peaceful end to the nuclear issue (albeit we don't know when that will be), but I think that to an exent, North Korea is keeping the U.S. waiting because it wants the Bush admin. to "give it the respect that it deserves" (quotes mine). Meetings with defectors only angers North Korea more. Article

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