Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Was Bush actually "right?"

I just read the article that Sonia posted, and while interesting I found it to be illogical. The author said that Bush's policy was one devised after "careful consideration" as if that was a clear indication of its righteousness. Well, I'm sure that it was carefully considered (by Bush's administration more than Bush,) but that in no way reflects how successful or progressive it will be. He also crtiticized Clinton's plan for not actively accomplishing its goal...most sensible people, however, would point out that Clinton was willing to negotiate and work towards a solution. This president, on the other hand, is pulling the silent treatment on Kim Jong-Il. Lastly, the author commends Bush for involving the international community. But it seems to me that the rest of the world was fairly involved when they signed the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty. That didn't seem to do much, since North Korea blatantly ignored and then pulled out of the treaty. Essentially I found the article to be lacking a convincing argument (even one,) but it was good to get some background on the issue.

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