Monday, September 13, 2004

Kerry Attacks Bush on North Korean Threat

The explosion that occurred last week on the North Korean border with China seems to be the topic of discussion this week. I have included more information on the explosion that I found in The New York Times:

The fire on Thursday occurred near a site where North Korea bases some of its long-range missiles. Because Thursday was a national holiday in North Korea, there was initial speculation that an explosion might have been deliberately set off to make a political statement of defiance.

But there were no signs of radiation, American intelligence officials say. And it was the site of the blast that made American officials suspect that it was an accident: there is a widespread assumption that North Korea would not demonstrate whatever nuclear capacity they have near the Chinese border, where it could irradiate the country that North Korea depends on for food and fuel.

This explosion also seems to have stirred quite a bit of controversy, as Kerry blames Bush for allowing the North Korean crisis to blow out of proportion by investing too many resources in the war with Iraq. As a result, America must deal with North Korea’s deliberate threats, which according to Kerry is a “sign of failed diplomacy.” Further information can be found in the link below.

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Bob Martin said...

I'm sure that this occurence will focus more political emphasis on U.S. policy toward North Korea as the election nears. Look for much more on the issue.