Thursday, September 30, 2004


I'm watching the debate right now and they've moved into the North Korea area...and it got me so angry that I had to post right now. Bush is claiming that "opening up a dialoge with Kim Jong Il" will not solve the North Korea problem because "that is what Kim Jong Il wants," (for us to open up a dialogue with him.) That seems to be entirely incorrect to me, seeing as how Kim Jong Il has been digging in his heels to these bilateral talks with China, Russia, etc., and has pulled out of the next one. Moreover, even if it is what Jong Il wants, wouldn't that be the first step in structuring some sort of civility and moving towards a more stable relationship and thus more stable world??? Am I the only one who sees the stupidity and fundamental IDIOCY in this?!?!


Mike said...

He is just taking his stance on negotiating with terrorists a little to the extreme.. but I also found idiocy in Kerry saying that Bush put sanctions on Iran, when they were started in 1996, and also when asked if the troops were dying for a mistake, he responded "no, but they dont have to with better leadership".........?

Lauren Corboy said...

I think that both candidates had a really ridiculously hard time answering the questions that they were asked last night, (granted most politicians do...) My favorite example has to be when Bush was asked the question about the war being worth it due to the loss of American lives and he went off about Missy whats-her-name whose husband PJ died...a very sad story, yet not at all what anyone needed to hear in response to that tough question.

Mike Malaguti said...

Mike, Kerry's mistatement about sanctions isn't quite as severe as Bush's LIE about WMD's, (which resulted in the deaths of more than 1000 Americans.)