Thursday, September 23, 2004


A former student of mine who is currently in China (check out his blog here) sent me some interesting links to articles about current relations between North Korea and China. The first article recounts the brouhaha that surrounded the publication of a startlingly frank criticism of North Korea in a PRC policy journal. Having read the piece (NK Zone mentioned it here)in question, I was not surprised to find that the PRC authories recalled the journal and that, according to the Asia Times (online)
The previous day, a suspiciously well-written polemic blast at Wang's article was posted on the S&M website; it was entitled "Some of our Intellectual Elites Advocate Selling North Korea Down the River" [5]. It said the United States is China's traditional enemy, North Korea is China's friend, and anyone that suggests otherwise is "even more corrupt that the Qing government of over a century ago".

The second article (from the Washington Post) adds some more detail to the controversy and hints that the offending journal may be closed down for good.

Thanks to Matt for the links. Happy reading!

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