Tuesday, September 28, 2004

The Debates: Beyond Iraq

Later this week President Bush and Senator Kerry will likely debate each other on the one issue that could very well determine the outcome of this election. But regardless of what happens in Iraq, developments unfolding elsewhere are more likely to be a top concern for the next administration. As the Sun Herald was apt to point out "The Presidential debates could be a forum to discuss these dangerous hot spots in a serious, concrete way. But they probably won't be. Presidential debates are notorious for not eliciting fresh observations from candidates eager to say nothing that might alarm voters." The debates are likely to consist of Bush mumbling something that not even O'Reilly can translate and Kerry debating with himself over weather he actually does or does not support the war. Still, it would be a nice change of pace if either of the candidates would approach this issue with more veracity.

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Bob Martin said...

Surprisingly, your predictions about the debate were pretty accurate. Unfortunately, not much was discussed "beyond Iraq."