Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Visiting North Korea

Most Americans aren't allowed into North Korea, but evidently other toursits are. This is an article about what a tourist would have to go through to get into North Korea and what that tourist might find once admitted.


Sonia Lee said...

I just read the article and it seems to me that a visit to North Korea is indeed a "surreal" experience. The North Koreans live in a world with many contraints and boundaries and lead lives that resemble my superficial perception of how those in a military live. Yet many North Koreans simply do not know what exists outside of their world, and if so are forced to keep quiet.

In any event, the prospect of visiting Pyongyang seems quite interesting and fascinating if you ask me.

David Kornreich said...

This article also interested me. I suppose a place that cannot provide basic services for its people would be a great solitary vacatioin spot. Other than, of course, the fact that the KWP is a ubiquitous presence in the DPRK and that foreigners actions are probably being followed.

Although tempting, I don't think I'm going to book my Spring Break trip to North Korea yet.