Friday, September 24, 2004

North Korea's Missile Test?

According to this article, there had been speculation that North Korea planned to test its missiles that were capable of reaching Japan. What is odd is that talks of this came on the day that North Korea was scheduled to speak to several countries about possibly dismantling their nuclear weapons programs. Yet North Korea is committed to postponing talks until the election is over and a presidential candidate is officially elected into to office. This way, “Washington’s policies are defined.”

While Japan’s Prime Minister says there is little chance this will occur, the article does in fact mention the incident in 1998 when North Korea fired a missile over Japan.

What does everyone think? Did North Korea sincerely plan on testing its missile or was it just a rumor? If it was true, do you think they would actually test it? It seems to me that it would be absurd to test a missile, especially during a time when North Korea is under careful surveillance.

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gary said...

I don't know if it would be so absurd. After all, their is still despite the test a few years earlier questions as to can they do this. Perhaps from the DPRK perspective they need to have a test in order to up the ante in negotiation. The DPRK siad they would only negotiate directly with the US not the 6 party talk, so if the US becomes more concerned with this test, if it happened, perhaps they'll get the negotiations they want.