Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Construction on North Korean Plant Suspended Again

Some news this Labor Day evening.

Not surprisngly, the US, South Korea, European Union, and Japan have decided to, for the second year, suspend construction on the Nuclear plant that was being built as part of the Agreeded Framework of 1994. Retuers posted the story, it may be read here.

Quoting unidentified Japanese government sources, the Yomiuri said the United States had wanted to scrap the project entirely, but gave in to persuasion from South Korea and Japan to leave room to resume construction.

South Korea and Japan have covered 90 percent of the $1.5 billion construction costs so far.

More than 100 workers are still maintaining the site of the two partially built reactors.

KEDO suspended construction work on the light-water reactors for an initial one year last December, after the United States said in October 2002 that North Korea had admitted working on a secret uranium-enrichment project.

And around we go.

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