Monday, September 27, 2004

KCNA release about Koguryo

Because we've been discussing the association between the North and South Korean governments and historical time periods, I found this Sept. 27 article "Koguryo, Pride of Korean Nation" from KCNA to be enlightening. Their take reflects the themes we've been talking about in class, like the "Korea as the center of influence" world-view, as well as the vision of Koguryo as militarily strong and unsubmissive. Another interesting tidbit is that they list the founding of Koguryo as 277 B.C., not 37 B.C., to further emphasize the longevity of Korean culture.

In a general sense, I find it interesting to explore the historical perspectives given off by the KCNA articles. We can probably assume that if this is the only source of news for the North Korean people, then they probably have an identical mindset.

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Mike Borrelli said...

KCNA is an interesting window into what the state wants the world to think is going on there, isn't it? Inside, I think the people get their perspective from news sources like Rodong Sinmun. I speculate on this based on how much they trumpet international news, and I somehow doubt that they would spend as much time doing that if their primary audience was the North Korean people.