Thursday, September 23, 2004

DPRK May Prepare to Launch Missle

Posted one hour ago the Reuters News Agency reports the following:
The United States and Japan have detected signs that North Korea is preparing to launch a ballistic missile with a range capable of hitting almost all of Japan, Japanese government sources said on Thursday.

Tokyo and Washington had detected the signs after analyzing data from reconnaissance satellites and radio traffic, the government sources said.

North Korean military vehicles, soldiers and possibly missile engineers were converging on several Rodong missile bases in the northeastern part of the isolated communist state, they said.

The signs were first detected on Tuesday, the sources said.

"At this stage we don't think North Korea's missile launch is imminent," one source told Reuters on condition of anonymity. "But we still don't know whether North Korea is serious about missile launches."

Some serious developmetns here with our relations to North Korea, especially when the deadlock seems to be a move that will last at least until after the US Election.

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